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The University of Nigeria (U of N), is comprised of a main campus and 37 satellite campuses listed on the left, making us the largest public schooling network in Nigeria.  Together, "We provide you with the tools to succeed in the online industrial world".

The students of the University of Nigeria are among the best and brightest in the world.  They are the ones who mastermind business ventures.  They are the ones who will control the lives of millions around the world.

The University of Nigeria believes in a well balanced life of work and play.  We are here to help you develop the necessary skills to acquire the capital you desire, in the shortest amount of time possible, with the least bit of effort needed, so you may enjoy the rest of your life doing what you wish to do.Check out this website for further details about veteriner

Many have heard of our successful email programs that include advance fee collections and other programs that are very popular among the citizens of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, The United Kingdom and United States.  Over the years we have refined these practices and created even more effective ones.  Enroll today and achieve the financial freedom you have always longed for.


University Bulletin Update:

October 21, 2006  Special seminar with the Prince of Nigeria on how to transfer $30 Million to the US or any other country without any traces.  Listen to our national radio advertisement.

February 15, 2007  Learn how to eliminate bad debt and obtain the financial dreams you always wanted but could never afford. Guest speaker from A New Identity, Inc.

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